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“MONSTECHCAT” is an ambitious large-scale project made as a showcase of the skills I’ve been developing for 6 years on my own.

With those skills, I’ve been able to create anything I wanted: Illustrations, animations, merchandising, photography, video editing, sound design, sound editing...

The aesthetic is fully driven by what defines my style the best: a sci-fi and technologic theme in an organic environment; sharp and aggressive strokes, and plain colors mixed with textures.

This project was developed in 3 months on summer 2019.

As I worked on it non-stop for those months, I had to take a rest needed.

After that, me and Ander (this web’s developer) decided to create a whole website from scratch (as this project had so much content), so everything would be there and clear for everyone to see it wrapped up. That’s why it took some time to be released since I finished it.

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